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srock wrote:

You could still use 2021 (dont install 2022) and your workflow wont change. Get the add-ins if you think there is an added feature/benefit of 2022 for you (I dont think for you it will change anything given your current workflow)

There is not a lot of info from On1 yet prerelease. If worse comes to worse and you feel you are missing something you can always jump in later. You will pay a bit more , but will know what you are getting and what you needed.

For me, its different-I live in On1 happily. There are a raft of new features (NoNoise, ability to use PS addins, Backup of data, sky replacement, Time lapse to name a few) to keep me happy.


Thanks, Steve. I appreciate the time you've taken to fully explain everything I needed to know.

Because of competition, companies can only stay in business if they innovate, but customers need to know when the latest features are going to be beneficial enough to justify the expense to them. On1 certainly is a great photo development/enhancement program, but for my particular desires right at the moment can't quite compete with Photoshop. 2023 could well be different.

I would have two main desires with On1: First, that compositing could compete on a professional basis comparable with Adobe, and secondly, that On1 could be a central processing hub for all other development programs. On1 isn't there yet on either score, but their development team is always cooking up something that is quite different from the competition. For now, though, I think I'll be perfectly happy with On1 2021.

Thanks again for all your help.

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