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Re: On1 new features announced

srock wrote:

It depends on what modules you use.

If it is the Effects, or Portrait modules just continue using the ones from 2021, if you want to access NoNoise that will require an addin purchase.

You just have to see what modules you are currently using and whether there is a change to them in 2022 that you will need to keep your workflow at its best or whether there are new features you would like.


Steve, you've brought up good points. For myself, DxO Deep Prime answers very nearly all of my noise issues with my Canon 5DsR (and I also have Topaz, which oddly seems to fill in what Deep Prime doesn't precisely cover. Please, don't make me try to explain that.)

Regarding sky replacements, Luminar and Photoshop are good enough for me. And for Effects, I'm assuming that although I won't be able to use anything made for the 2022 version, I believe I should be able to use everything made up to 2021. At the moment I don't think those will be unusable.

However, I may be wrong in my thinking. If I am, by all means please feel free to respond to me. I still have about six hours Central U.S. time to make a decision.

Thanks for all help and advice.

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