Which FF mirrorless system to add to my MFT?

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Re: Which FF mirrorless system to add to my MFT?

LevAizik wrote:

Strangefinder wrote:

I mean, I hope you are trolling.

No. I just know things better than you do.

Sony does not design them.

They do.

Fuji, Panasonic, and Canon all have experience fabricating their own sensors from the ground up at different points (and Sigma pretty much.) Yet, even Nikon takes very fine control over the design of their sensors - see the Imaging Resource for a long article about it.

Listen, it is very simple.

There are only TWO camera sensor manufacturers (Technically there are more, but they develop sensors for smartphones):

1. Sony

2. Canon

That's it.

Olympus, Panasonic, Nikon, and Fuji are buying sensors from Sony. Canon currently does not sell its sensors to third-party camera manufacturers. (They used to sell in the past)

They get the sensors from Sony and integrate them into their camera designs with various hardware calibrations and software implementations, but the core remains Sony sensor.

Fuji is a chemical company, and can provide their own patented pigments and coatings. Other design features are patented. Some contracts may be hands on, but many will just hire Sony’s facility.

Last time that I checked we are talking about digital photography.

Quite what it says about someones IQ when they make defacto statements that are wrong I will leave for others to decide but it is clear that you know nothing of Toshiba, Aptina, Foveon and Tower / Tower Jazz to name another TWO or is that, perhaps, FOUR !.

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