Anybody else considering a day-1 purchase of the Pixel 6?

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I've always been of the same mind, and have always aimed for the price/performance sweet spot. But now that my cell phone has pretty much taken the place of my small cameras that I used to carry around, such as my Panasonic LX-10 and my m43 cameras, I can justify spending more, since it's money I would have spent on a new camera in the past.

I would like to wait, but I have three kids that are still young, and some photo opportunities only come around once, so I'm not inclined to wait a year or so for what is probably going to be a pretty big camera upgrade for me.

I see your reasoning and respect your point of view, I recently bought a pristine OPPO Reno 10x zoom for £180!! it has an amazing 10x hybrid zoom system with a super wide angle angle lens and a 5x telephoto lens, it is possible to get some amazing zoom shots, I am really impressed, the launch price was £800, so I paid less than 25% of that, for me that is a steal and if I break it or drop it in a river, its not a catastrophe. I am not sure how much better the new Google will be (if at all?) but thats just my thinking.

Consider that for some people, security updates are mandatory. WIth a phone that has say 3 years of updates, by waiting 18 months, you've given up half the phones lifetime of updates. So while you may save money, you are either going to ditch it early, or run without security updates for a long time.

The best security update you can get is the one you store between your ears. Much more important than fw updates.

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