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srock wrote:

If you want to call any of the On1modules (such as Effects) FROM Adobe or FROM Luminar or FROM Affinity you will need the plugins from ON1.

If you want to call Affinity or Photoshop or Nix or Luminar From On1, you can do that already from ON (send To command) but they have enhanced this.

If On1 is the center of your phot universe (It is for me...) I only need On1 2022

If you start in Adobe or PL4 or Luminar or Affinity or another program and want to use ON1 Effects or Portrait or the new NoNoise you will need the Plugins

If you sometimes start in PS and sometimes in On1 then the bundle will work well for you

Hope this helps


Steve, I very much appreciate the clarification, and if there is anything you would like to add to that, please feel free to do so, as there are only a few hours left before the pre-sale ends.

With that, I'd like to tell you how my workflow works, and what I now plan to do. If you would like to comment on that, please go ahead.

I use PS as my main editor, although I don't always go to it first. My main camera is the Canon 5DsR, and when I need to use high ISO settings, the resulting RAW images can really be quite noisy. I will first send those images to DxO Deep Prime, and this does a wonderful job of removing nearly all the noise in a RAW image. (And I must be honest with you here--I tested On1 NoNoise in every way possible, using the automatic and manual features to the nth degree, and in no way could the results from On1 compare with Deep Prime.) When Deep Prime has processed the image I have it send the RAW file to Adobe Camera Raw. (And I guess I could also have it sent to On1 2022.)

On most occasions I won't use ACR, or will use it only very lightly, and will instead open the file in PS and send it for adjustments to either On1 or Luminar AI. After enhancements are made in either of those programs, the file is then automatically sent straight back to PS. It's this convenience of using PS as a central processing hub, saving me a lot of time and effort, that still makes Adobe 'King of the Hill' for me.  This by itself wouldn't make PS my developer of choice, but it's the fact that PS can create composite images much more professionally than anyone else that keeps me using the program.

On1 RAW 2021 gives me everything I need right now, in terms of development and filter enhancements, and I can easily access the program through the PS Filters menu. I can't find even one new development from On1 2022 that is superior to those of PS, DxO, Topaz or Skylum. I've got at least a zillion apps similar or superior to what On1 2022 is adding as an early-bird bonus, and while On1+ is nice, there is no way I'm going to spend $149 just to get that.

If there is a flaw in my reasoning, I will ask you to please feel free to show me where my thinking is wrong.

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