Canon 7d upgrade for amateur needs?

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Re: Canon 7d upgrade for amateur needs?

john Clinch wrote:

Modern cameras are smaller. With a few exceptions the lenses aren't smaller for the same size sensor. To get better low light capability you will need a bigger sensor or faster lenses. Either way the lenses will be bigger not smaller for the same angle of view

You say the 7D was noisey anove iso 400. Is that at 100% on the screen or some treasured print on the wall?

I usually hover around the 640 iso as my default, only dropping down to <400 in bright outdoors.  At 200 iso on sunny day, I still get mottling from faint noise in sky.  Always had this issue and learned to live with it, using noise reduction (on1 recently) as needed.  Noise is more visible in shadows or on areas with consistent color (sky).

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