Seeking Suggestions for Point & Shoot

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Re: Seeking Suggestions for Point & Shoot

BondTrader wrote:

I own a Canon EOS R6 and a 6D II along with a bunch of lenses.

Every so often I like to go on a hike or a short trip and not take my heavier DSLR’s and lenses. So I’m wanting to purchase a smaller point and shoot type camera but one that can produce exceptional image quality and even with some good zoom if such a thing exists.

Budget is very flexible and not really an issue. I specifically referenced Canon because I’m familiar with their system but I’m open to alternatives if those make sense. I just want an alternative to my larger gear from time to time for those occasions when I want to travel light but be able to take fabulous photos.

Comments/Feedback are appreciated. Thank You.

Each unto his or her own, but my take on this after owning many compact fixed lens models is:

Sony RX100 variants:  too small, cramped, poor ergononomics, popup EVF.

Panasonic LX100 variants including Leica branded versions: Inconsistent lens quality, inconsistent AF accuracy.

Ricoh GR 2 or 3: no EVF and no way to fit one.

Fuji X100 variants: A love or hate proposition with many idiosyncrasies. Try before you buy.

Canon G5X.2:  Overall nice camera with versatile lens. But in the end I decided I did not care to live with the Sony style pop-up-pull-out-push-back-push-down viewfinder.

So I have a Canon G1X.3 which has good IQ, a  good lens, good always ready EVF with proper eyecup, fully articulated monitor and weather sealing.

They can all produce good image quality the sensor size having less influence on this than you might imagine.

For me the main difference between them is handling, ergonomics and the overall user experience.


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