RF 14-35 Samples

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Re: RF 14-35 Samples

dmanthree wrote:

the-genuine-particle wrote:

dmanthree wrote:

Just a few initial shots. Not works of art or a scientific analysis, but the lens looks really good.

Looks good but can you post a couple uncorrected at 14mm at f/4.0?

Here's two quickies that were run through ACR using the defaults. Just tweaked the exposure a little, but that's it. As you can see, it's not usable without a lens profile.

Thanks for posting! The distortion is bad but the thing about it is that the losses due to the correction are relative to the pixel density of the sensor and not an absolute across all sensors. Assuming it is sharp across the frame on a higher MP sensor (like the R5) the resulting image will still be plenty "sharp enough" for large prints or web use. That's the trick. The key takeaway is that softness from distortion corrections is relative to sensor density whereas corner softness due to field curvature or aberrations is absolute across all sensors.

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