What’s a nice 35mm or 50-ish mm lens?

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Re: Update. I think I found the one.

Pocket Lint wrote:

Son Of Waldo wrote:

Pocket Lint wrote:

Looking at getting the Voigtlander Nokton 58mm f/1.4 S SL II and pair it with a period correct Nikkor 28mm lens to get both wide and short telephoto.

Great choices and some great suggestions here.

You can use Roland Vink's excellent site (serial numbers page) to get an idea of production run dates for older lenses. Later lenses with the SIC (Nikon's Super Integrated Coating) might be worth pursing for some focal lengths. Check out Marianne's comments here.

I'm willing to pay a little extra to the Japanese dealers on eBay for nice copies (even if they throw the "Mint" or "Top Mint" description around a little loosely), less chance of improper storage creating some haze or fungus issues. These lenses will last a lifetime if stored properly, give them a semi-dry storage environment and a little UV light occasionally. A camera bag would not be my choice, I use woven storage boxes I bought cheap and keep one of the small, modern, efficient dehumidifiers close by.

And remember, whatever you buy will work on digital cameras too. I've found the D750 to be an excellent match for image quality with older lenses.

Awesome, I will look in to your hyperlinks. I am so happy to have these resources available to me thanks to you guys. I went ahead and bought a Nikkor 35mm f/1.4 Ai to start off with. I want to test various films to see which one I like the most. I also want to put my new camera and lens through its paces and just get an initial overview. I am pretty excited to dive in to film. I hear from a lot of older folks who say they will never go back to film, but, being a millennial, and growing up on digital, I am so excited to go the other way and learn.

Another good choice with the 35/1.4. I'm a later 'baby boomer' and older black and white film photographs tend to hold the most interest for myself. Probably because I enjoy museums and history in general. There's plenty of technically good digital photography out there these days, some of it interests me but much of it doesn't.

The Nikon FA, a couple of good lenses and a few rolls of film can produce images that no digital camera can. I was a little surprised in what is still available in 35mm film so I will be resurrecting one of the film bodies I was given as time permits.


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