HELP! D500 images lacking sharpness

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Re: HELP! D500 images lacking sharpness

Spencefrank wrote:

Thank you for your response! These 3 images I was using group focusing but the game before I was using d25 focus points and was running into similar problems. I used back button focusing on the 3 images posted here after reading about it, but previously was using shutter focus.

First, Group Focus is wrong for your purposes. The only place I routinely employ it is with BIF. It is extremely fast, but just latches on to the first thing it finds. With BIF, that would be the bird. On an athletic field, who knows? FWIW, I set up my PV button for Group Focus. The PV button acts just like BBF, so I can invoke it on those occasions where it is useful and otherwise use my default focusing.

Second, it occurs to me that you may be having problems with using BBF. I'm sure you've set the focus mode to AF-C. But, when using the half-pressed shutter, your photo always reflects the current focus when you take the photo. You may be lifting your finger off the BBF button as you snap the photo, which will mean that the focus is a tad old when the camera takes the photo. I would agree with the suggestion to use single-point AF-C, but suggest that you go back to half-pressed shutter until you get the D500 under control.


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