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Re: Things change in life..

RobBobW wrote:

Chas J wrote:

I have Olympus, Fuji, Panasonic and Nikon cameras. For me, the most consistently good colour comes from my Nikon cameras !.

Felice62 wrote:

While I understand brand affection, to a given amount, i observed so many times that everything changes in a lifetime.

This includes jpeg camera colours reproduction...

I can safely say current Panasonic colors are just better looking to my eyes that Olympus'

And speaking colors, nothing comes close to Fuji representation of life colors, imo.

So, don't get into a sad mood.. open up heart and you will find how new toys can make you smile again..

I'm just curious. When you talk about the "colours", are you referring to the OOC jpeg images or the look after coming out of post processing wth C1P or Lightroom, etc.?

I am mainly referring to OOC jpeg.   Once adjusted by a program, one can make (almost) any photo look anyway one wants.  Also, there is plenty of adjustment to be made within camera.  Never the less, for me, Nikon gives the most pleasing colours OOC and / or need the least processing in post.

I own many types and makes of camera and I hope that it is obvious that I am not a make zealot.

When all said and done,  none of this matters much because, as I mentioned above, one can get what one wants in post !.

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