Do rechargeable batteries lose their charge?

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Re: Do rechargeable batteries lose their charge?

sbw123 wrote:

I use rechargeable Eneloop brand AAA and Duracell brand AA batteries in my Meike twin macro flash set up. In the last few days, the flashes simply stop "flashing" and shut off after a very few number of uses/flashes. When I place the Eneloops in the charger, a green LED light tells me they are full charged. Yet, fresh out of the charger, again the flashes simply stop "flashing" after only a few uses.

This suggests to me there might be something amiss with the charger, or the batteries have somehow been damaged. I went to the Meike site and they recommend Ni-MH batteries, so they know the voltage will not be 1.5V each. I am still using Eneloop batteries purchased in 2013, without issues. I have always used a Maha MH-C801D smart charger with them.

Do rechargeable batteries lose their ability to hold a charge after a lot of use? I don't know if this is a battery issue a flash issue. I think the batteries are just a little over 1 year old, but to be fair, I use the flash unit a lot.

I would install fresh alkaline batteries to test whether it's a battery or a flash issue, assuming the flash will work with them. And yes, batteries do get old and the discharge time gets shorter. Also, they can lose their charge just sitting around (called "self-discharge"). Most available today are low self-discharge and will hold their charge longer before use.

Unfortunate that you are having battery issues. I am not familiar with the Duracell Ni-MH batteries but all the Eneloops I have used have done very well.

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