Looking for a wider angle lens for my Z50

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Re: Looking for a wider angle lens for my Z50

NikonMike wrote:

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p5freak wrote:

Nikon didnt care for DX in the last 20 years, why should they now ?

The 10-20mm dx af-p came out in 2017 lol. It's only 2 years older than the Z50. Let's let Nikon get out the lenses for the monied crowd and get a few more DX bodies floating around. Until then we have options, no need to be a doomer about it.

Will, you have a really nice gear setup. Would be great for travel.

It is a great set up. When I'm backpacking & camping I can fit all of this into a 8ish liter soft case which I pack into a 10L dry sack with space to spare.

  • FTZ + Nikkon 10-20mm 
  • 7Artisans 35mm f0.95
  • Nikkor 50-250mm
  • Z50 itself
  • extra battery,
  • Movo VXR-10 (it's a Rode VideoMicro Clone),
  • 10,000mAh battery,
  • 2 battery charging dock,
  • filter bag with CPL & step down rings,
  • a rocket blower & cleaning cloths

Tripod usually straps to the outside of my bag. Really my only issue with using the FTZ+10-20mm on the Z50 when I'm out and about is that the bottom of the FTZ adapter intersects where a mounting plate goes. So you have to have a mounting plate that offsets into the swivel range of the screen. Also if I have my Peak Capture Clip plate on the Z50 & I switch to the FTZ+10-20mm, I have to clip the camera on with the lens pointing up or take out my wrench and move the plate to the FTZ. Even worse, the FTZ isn't made of the toughest plastic and has already chipped in multiple places on the removable baseplate, protruding from the bottom of the camera makes it vulnerable.

Using a 3D printed grip extension from Gem City Market on Etsy alleviates pretty much every issue with the FTZ and Z50, but when I'm backpacking I try to minimize volume.

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