Review K3 mark lll?

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Re: Review K3 mark lll?

hikerdoc wrote:

bob5050 wrote:

Trust is, however, context sensitive. A reviewer that's very knowledgeable and trust-worthy for one system might not be reliable on another. Or even on the same system in a much-different shooting context.

Applicable Zen story here:

It is always interesting in discussions like this that both sides to an argument could cite the same references in support of their positions. A direct quote from your cited essay (reference link above):

“Unfortunately, a true ideologue rarely recognizes a situation in which his beloved assumptions do not apply, which can lead him into colossal blunders.”

It's good we don't have "true ideologues" here

That may be a bit over the top in discussing choice of a camera.

But that wasn't bob5050's point and reason to mention that article; far from it.

This camera has been out for perhaps 4-6 months and has not created the excitement hoped for.

It didn't? Hoped by whom?

This camera was never going to generate excitement in Pentax-adverse people, or DSLR-adverse people. It was never going to break sales records, nor to replace Canon/Nikon DSLR sales by itself.

Ricoh Imaging's hopes were much more reasonable. And I think the K-3iii did well.

My hopes were much more reasonable too. In the end I decided to wait for a K-1 with the K-3iii technology (rather than switching back to APS-C), but I really want this technology.

It is a DSLR.

Yes. And this is great.

Most “unique” features in any current DSLR system are in common use and unique only in marketing semantics. (I know, IBIS is unique) The reviews are all coming to essentially the same conclusion and any upcoming reviews coming to completely different conclusions should lead one to question that reviewer. There are beloved assumptions coming from both camps. Any review will eventually come to those comparisons which reveal uncomfortable truths for users of any system; cost, AF, buffer, etc are some of those things for this camera.
I see blunders in dismissing the camera because it is not an MILC or in dismissing reviewers as inept if they come to conclusions different than the faithful.

Let's see the general direction of the review. DPReviewTV had to make dinosaur jokes...


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