Looking for a wider angle lens for my Z50

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Re: Looking for a wider angle lens for my Z50

NikonMike wrote:

ZapperVT wrote:

I had a 10-20 and used on my Z50. I thought it gave good results - sharp in the middle and adequate at the corners. It is strongest at 10mm where you need it and a bit weaker at 20mm. You can shoot it wide open which is good because it's not a fast lens. It has effective VR which also helps in low light such as interior architecture.

In short I think it's the best wide angle option for the Z50. You can get one in excellent condition from mpb.com for $229.

One of those excellent lenses at mpb.com is the one I just sold them. I reluctantly gave up APS-C as a full range system and sold all my F DX lenses. I kept the Z50 with the 16-50 to use when I want a small camera. I don't think Nikon will ever support Z DX with an adequate lens lineup.

Thanks! I hope in time they come out with some more lenses for it as well as higher megapixel DX sensors.

Highly unlikely. There are two DX lenses so far, and a third one is announced. Nikon didnt care for DX in the last 20 years, why should they now ?

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