Looking for a wider angle lens for my Z50

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Re: Looking for a wider angle lens for my Z50

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I bought the 10-20mm to use with FTZ on my Z50. It functions great. It's image quality is fine, not quite as good as the 16-50mm & def not as good as the 50-250mm. Due to the size of the FTZ on the Z50 & the shape of the 10-20mm, I think the balance is a little strange. I only have one Peak Design plate as well & there's just a lot of awkwardness having the Z50 with a plate on it and trying to work with attachments like the FTZ.

It's still a part of my kit, but when the Z DX version comes out (please Nikon) i'll drop it in a heartbeat. Especially if the native version is smaller, with FTZ the 10-20mm is about the same size as the 50-250mm which takes up most of my camera bag on backpacking ventures.

Your situation sounds like mine. I missed a 10-20 on another site I belong to a few weeks ago that was sold for like $150. Wish I had nabbed that. My reluctance I think is spending $300 for a new one, and probably selling it for half that or less if and when Nikon has one in the Z mount. Now I do kind of like my 50 1..8G with the FTZ adaptor so I think I would be OK using the adaptor with it.

I got my 10-20mm from Nikon refurbished for $250. If I can sell it for $150 when there's a native Z option i'll be happy, though right now they're going for $200+ used.

Laowa makes a 9mm f2.8 for the X mount and a $15 adapter works since they're all manual. The Z-mount version is coming soon. But that's a $400 lens that's third party and doesn't have AF or VR. The Samyang 12mm F2 AF exists now on E mount, MegaDap's new adapter should make that work with the Z50, but then you're paying $400 for a lens, $250 for an adapter, and hoping MegaDap can keep up their software updates for compatibility. If you've got an FTZ already then the 10-20mm AF-P still seems to be the best option. If you don't have an FTZ, then $500 for FTZ + used 10-20mm is still the economy option for all it's features.

Laowa are on the more expensive end of MF lenses - you can get the pergear 12mm for $165, and it's native (so no extra cost for the adapter). Even assuming no resale value for the pergear lens, you could easily lose that much selling on FTZ+10-20 once/if the Z UWA DX zoom comes out - and that's without having to find a few hundred dollars right now for the nikon option. It's by far the cheapest way to try out UWA FoV on Z mount.

There will never be a Z DX 10-20mm zoom, or similar. I dont think there will ever be any Z DX lens released in the future from Nikon, except for the 18-140. They dont think DX is a format worth supporting. Not beyond kit lenses.

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