H-Alpha 12 nm filters

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mermaidkiller wrote:

swimswithtrout wrote:

Is your camera modded ? Do you have a mount capable of 6-8 minute exposures ? Using a narrowband Ha filter on a dSLR is somewhat of a waste, because only 1 pixel out of 4 is going to get any signal and the other three will be all noise.

You use only the red channel and you can filter out the other three (2xgreen and 1xblue), so that noise does not bother you.

Add to that, if your camera is not modded, Ha response can vary from 15-30% due to manufacturers built in IR filters so 70-85% of it is being blocked by the filter.

Nowadays, it is far more efficient to use something like the the Optolong L Enhance or L-Extreme filters that also have a narrowband Oiii filter built in as well.

I just took this last night in a 88% moon using the L-Enhance on my modded D5300.

Well, I can take decent images with my unmodded Canon 6D using an L-enhance filter and sometimes combine it with RGB.

20x3min L-enhance 110mm (aperture) ED scope f/5.6

Modding is indeed better, but moderner bodies (and even my 8 years old 6D) allow making decent pictures of the weak attenuated by 75% Halpha signal, if you have enough frames and decent post processing.

Same target, L-Enhance, 100% full moon, modded D5300, f6.5 showing all the Ha the stock cam missed

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