RF 50/1.8 STM MTF charts too big difference

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Re: RF 50/1.8 STM MTF charts too big difference

I have both the RF 50mmf1.2L and the RF50f1.8. The RF50mmf1.2L was a lot more money but it is crazy good and crazy sharp and absolutely the best 50mm lens Canon has ever made IMHO. Great pixel peeping in the corners. It will blow you away with goodness!! I use it for most important 50 mm shots requiring edge to edge awesomeness.

However, it is expensive, big and heavy so I also fit the tiny bargain priced rf50f1.8 for travel because the images are very good .

If something happens and it is stolen or I break the lens or lose it travelling it is cheaper and definitely good enough for the cases I use it. The RF50f1.8 is small enough for fit in a coat pocket when trying to avoid unwanted attention.

Still I know which is which and also if or when the very good f1.8 is good enough. The RF50f1.8 compares very well with the 30 year old EF 50mm f1.4 that I use with my 5D Mk IV that is still heavily used and very popular with many professionals around world.

I can pick up a used RF 50 1.8 for $100 near me , but I rarely use the 50 1.8 STM with an adapter. I don't want to buy a lens just to have it sit like the one I currently own.

I have the RF 24-105L on the R6,  yet maybe I just need to take a flyer on the used RF, and see if the compact size compared to the EF model with the adapter will mean that it stays on the R6 a bit more.

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