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Re: D850 & detail with macro

dave gaines wrote:

lickity split wrote:


You were correct it gave more detail.

switching lenses gave results i thought they would, the macro lens @ f8 has a big reduction in depth of field which was harder to nail being handheld , the 200/2 gave more of the bird in focus but the detail was not as intense ,the amount of detail overall was incredible it was nowhere near as magnified as the 200/4 ,

The last pic shows shows his eyelashes pretty good

You're shooting the 200 mm f/2 at farther away and cropping the image to achieve the same subject size, the bird's head. You've cropped to about 20% or less of the frame by my guestimate.

The 200 mm f/4 focuses much closer and so you can fill the frame. Subject distance is reduced so you can dial back the flash or use a smaller aperture, yielding better DOF.

That was your point of course. To compare the two lenses for detail and sharpness with small subjects. Luckily you have a patient subject.

Correct, and thank you for summing things up. You get more pixels on the subject with the macro lens because of its minimum focusing distance which is about 18”,( the closer I get the shallower the depth of field becomes) the end of the lens was under 2’ from the bird with the macro and the 200/2 puts you 6’ away and the subject is only a portion of the frame .

They both show nice detail it’s just that one takes things to another level.

The parakeet will sit there all day for you ,good luck getting the finches to do the same.

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