CF Express vs XQD on Z7ii

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Re: CF Express vs XQD on Z7ii

I have a Z7II and have been using 128 gb Sandisk Extreme Pro CFe cards in it. They get warm, but I have not had any issues in camera or warnings from the camera. On a recent trip to Alaska to photograph brown bears, I had several days were I shot 3000 or so images (for example, bursts of bears fishing at Brooks Falls trying to get the right moment) and had no issues with heat.

I have also used these CFe cards in my Z7II this spring and summer in Minnesota in warm weather with no issues.

I have also used Sony 64 gb XQD cards in the Z7II with no issues.

I have noticed that cards (CFe and XQD) also heat up when transferring images to my computer using a Sony card reader that supports both CFe cards and XQD cards. I have been told by others on Steve Perry’s forum that this is normal.

Personally, I am only buying CFe cards at this point. But I still have some XQD cards that I have used and still use in my D500, D850 and Z7 (even though I have updated the firmware on those bodies so they will also use CFe cards). Mostly older Lexar XQD cards (manufactured before Lexar exited the XQD business) in my D500 and D850 and newer Sony XQD cards in my Z7. They work fine too.

At this point, I generally buy Sony or Sandisk cards. If you do buy Sandisk cards for a Z body, get the most recent models, as the initial models had some issues in Z bodies. The new ones work fine.

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