Review K3 mark lll?

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John_A_G wrote:

I agree a reviewer of a OVF camera should be familiar with OVFs. As I sad though, as far as I know all the DPR reviewers are - so they should appreciate what an OVF brings to the table. I also think that EVF has been one of the things that upgrades every model. I don't have first hand knowledge, but from reading comments and reviews the newer EVFs are much improved over the ones 2 generations ago. Can't personally say if it's true or not. If it is true, the difference between OVF and EVF has shrunk.

Maybe? But while we can definitely say (for eg) that the AF-C on the K-3iii is much improved over the Pentax DSLRs of 2 generations ago, that doesn't mean that it is better than or equal to that of a D500 or many MILCs... AND in the same way newer EVFs being much improved over the ones 2 generations ago, doesn't mean that they are better than or equal to OVFs.

Right - but that's the benefit of reviews written by people who have some hands on experience with modern cameras from different manufacturers.  They are in the best position to say how an EVF from camera A compares to the OVFs offered in other cameras or how the AF-C compares to other modern cameras.  It's an imperfect world - in a perfect world every reviewer would have 3 months experience with every camera.  But, alas, that can't happen.  The best you can do is seek out reviews from reviewers you trust - not just pick a review whose conclusion matches what you want to hear.  If you don't trust the reviewer, why would you trust if they say something positive about a camera you like?  You either trust the reviewer or you don't  If you don't trust them, then it doesn't matter whether what they say is positive or negative.

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