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The EVFs have improved considerably, but in my eyes, there is still a huge difference. I have been EVF cameras for several years. I much prefer the view through an OVF than through an EVF. The difference is especially striking when photographing with EVF and OVF cameras at the same time. But, again, this is my personal opinion.

Ben Lifson's comment when reviewing the early EVFs still sounds true to me: unlovely to look at, alienating; it tends to quench the feeling the subject gives me.

I fully agree.

Me too

I have not looked into the best modern ones. Need to try to find one to take a look into. Maybe I will change my mind?

Me too, I've used less expensive ones and not been impressed. But I simply couldn't afford the Best modern MILCs (and their lenses) ... and some thought that the K-3iii was too expensive?!?!

I own and use the latest and greatest MILC cameras, and I am still not impressed. YMMV.

That is useful info.

I am rather picky regarding what I see in an EVF. So, maybe I will feel the same.

I know thought, that some people do not care. They could use a VGA screen and be happy. More power to them.

I have some Sigma cameras without EVF, and for those you could buy a special magnifier view fonder to put over the LCD. And the LCD is really bad. And some people praised it! I got one of those and - no way! I see all ugly three color pixel and the color and contrast looked totally sh*t. So, it differs.

To me, the main benefit of EVF cameras is the reduced size and weight. With Pentax-3 III and the small Limited primes, that weight advantage of mirrorless cameras has been eliminated (except for m43 systems).

To me it is also that it focus on the actual sensor, no AF adjustments to make it work good. And also that there seem to come very fun lenses to mirrorless.

I hope that people will continue to be interested in OVF cameras.

Me too!

Me too, too

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