Which FF mirrorless system to add to my MFT?

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Re: Which FF mirrorless system to add to my MFT?

jalywol wrote:

Wrong. If the intrinsic relationships between color, hue, and tone are wrong in the capture, past a certain point they are not recoverable.

Wrong again. What color something is that you photograph IS what it is. The more faithfully that color can be captured and reproduced by the camera, the more accurate TO THE ORIGINAL the final result will be. Capturing the subject color AND the environment it was present in at the time of the image are the basis of correct color reproduction.

Now, whether you LIKE that or not, is a completely subjective issue. Goose an image with high saturation and crunchy sharpness and I guarantee you that it will get the most attention in a wall of other images (or a screen full of them). But that's not what I am talking about.

Yes, monitor calibration is an issue, of course. But that does not change the correct capture of a subject, and that is what we are talking about.

Tony Northrup put a single image from JPGs up. Not a lot of colors in that image, either. I would venture to guess that if he had done this from the RAWs with identical processing, of a photograph of a group of flowers of different colors in natural light, his results would be far different.

No, it is not.


That does not change the colors of the SOURCE of the image.

Nope. They use Sony's sensors that THEY REQUESTED THE DESIGN FOR, and use their own hardware, that yes, they probably farmed out to another manufacturer. But no, they are not the same products. (If they were, then Panasonics would overheat every five minutes like the Sonys have been known to do in past....for instance..._)

In my wayward youth, before I became a veterinarian, my first undergraduate degree was a BFA. In that program, they devoted large chunks of the entire first couple of years to working with and understanding color and the relationships colors have to each other. In other words, they trained our eyes and brains to actually SEE what was in front of us. Once you have that kind of training, it is impossible to NOT see subtle differences in color, as long as your eyes are actually still working properly. But most people (and most photographers) had not had that training and that's why these really aggravating blanket statements about it all being the same keep coming up.

Go out, take photos, enjoy yourself. I will enjoy my gear, you enjoy yours.


Wait, am I taking crazy pills here? I thought we've been through this all a couple years ago.

So if your primary concern is color accuracy... why don't you just test for color accuracy?



So Sony tests too high for their liking, so people no longer focused on color accuracy but instead went to "subjective" color preferences, but like many subjective preferences, most testing found it's not very reproducible and really it's about brand loyalty:


Or, in the words of Gerald Undone: "Desperately trying to find something positive to say about a brand that we inexplicably love by expressing abstract ideas in the face of an obvious lack of technical innovation."

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