Review K3 mark lll?

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Re: Review K3 mark lll?

bob5050 wrote:

Ian Stuart Forsyth wrote:

But with the correct settings it can give you more of a realistic representation of the medium that is recording the data and that will be processed into an image

But isn't that, or shouldn't it be, a secondary concern?

If your concern is to take a photograph would it not be your top concern as to have a clear representation as to how the medium is going to record the image

I don't travel because I photograph, I photograph because I travel. So I have little interest, while in the field, with what the sensor wants to show me--I want so see the reality.

I see all you do is walk around with the camera up to your eye all day long and this is how you enjoy your trip reality that can only be viewed thru you camera.

I have sat down and tried to remember how the subject look as I was looking thur the OVF and I cannot remember one time how it look not do I care as it is a tool there for a job. Its job to help me record what is in front of me. Reality is there whether or not the camera is in my hand and is not needed to view reality.

What I do remember is how far the subject was from me, what the light was like that day I can never tell you what it was like to look thru the OVF.

All the the VF for me is there to allow me to get the best information to recreate reality as I remember it.

If the camera is set up properly, it will take care of itself,

Without know how the cameras uses the medium how do you know its working correctly?

and I can tweak what it saw to my satisfaction when I get home.

You can only do this when you understand what the camera is recording

Again, that's a pre-trip and post trip concern: obsessing about setup and understanding how the camera works.

Simply moving the camera away from the users eye will give him what is really there.

My point exactly: the only way a MILC user can see what I'm seeing is to lower his camera.

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