H-Alpha 12 nm filters

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Re: H-Alpha 12 nm filters

Is your camera modded ? Do you have a mount capable of 6-8 minute exposures ? Using a narrowband Ha filter on a dSLR is somewhat of a waste, because only 1 pixel out of 4 is going to get any signal and the other three will be all noise. Add to that, if your camera is not modded, Ha response can vary from 15-30%  due to manufacturers built in IR filters so 70-85% of it is being blocked by the filter.

Nowadays, it is far more efficient to use something like the the Optolong L Enhance or L-Extreme filters that also have a narrowband Oiii filter built in as well.

I just took this last night in a 88% moon using the L-Enhance on my modded D5300.

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