Which FF mirrorless system to add to my MFT?

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Re: Which FF mirrorless system to add to my MFT?

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I am still keeping and using all of my MFT gear, so no need to debate between systems, but looking to add a FF mirrrorless camera and zoom lens for various reasons. That being said, I haven't really been keeping up with what Sony/Nikon/Canon/Panasonic have been doing so I thought I would ask you guys what you have purchased and why. For my use case, something like the Sony A7III and Sony 24-105mm looks like it would be about perfect, so based on that example, which other body/lens combinations would you recommend I look into? I will never need any lenses for this FF system with a longer reach than the zoom I mentioned and at best would maybe buy a single fast prime to go along with the zoom. For budget I would say keep in under 3k for body/zoom lens.

Personally I hate Sony color and I have owned 5-6 different Sony cameras (4 FF) and I sold them all.

This is not what you are asking, and not within your budget, but for me, I think the only other system that makes sense to complement MFT would be medium format. However medium format is heavy and the lenses are through the roof cost wise.

Surely colour rendering is down to the converter though and if you shoot raw? For example I use Olympus and love the "colours" but only if I use Olympus Workspace as it's utilising their colour rendering. I import into Lightroom and the colours are disgusting and have to adjust and make presets to get a decent base.

It's all in colour calibration, no?

It's all in the camera color settings. I could take your camera and swing it any which way I wanted, just by tinkering with the settings in the camera. AND if your computer display or displays are not profiled to the exact same standard (including key things as same exact brightness, contrast, and viewing conditions), then regardless of camera color settings the files will look different - SAME exact data looks different - that goes double once you expand to other people's computers, tablets, and phones.

Ah yes of course calibration of hardware needs to be done as best as possible, but I’m talking about colour in raw camera files. In that sense, every raw converter application renders the colour slightly different; they have to don’t they otherwise how do they know which colours are which. Open a file in Oly Workspace, open the same file in Lightroom and they look completely different, as the colours are presented differently.

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