Review K3 mark lll?

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Re: Review K3 mark lll?

Roland Karlsson wrote:

I assume you are also just having fun as we take this way off topic :-), but:

hikerdoc wrote:

About the only thing I cannot do with my MILC is lock up the mirror.

Try to use the view finder without turning the camera on

True, but the images taken with my DSLR turned off are no better than my MILC when off.

How good are your MILC at emulating the mirror flap sound?

You mean that noise that many complain about and also include in discussions of artifact? They are not good at that.

Do you have AF adjustment? Do you?

Yes, AF tuning capabilities on both my DSLR and MILC

I don’t do astro. Lag is getting better with each iteration. I see the Nikon Z measured at 0.023 seconds, but that was three years back, not sure where these new Sony and Canon models sit.

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