Review K3 mark lll?

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Re: Review K3 mark lll?

Absolutely agree. I read the Guardian and have pitched them. For a while their TV critic did the car reviews and revelled in his ignorance. Great writing, nonsense car reviews. There's a fashion for newspapers to take car reviews from l;ay people, which annoys me because they wouldn't send someone who watches only TV soaps to review a production at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, or someone who mostly eats at McD's to do the restaurant reviews.

We're getting slightly off-topic here, but my point is too many people in this thread seem to distrust professional camera reviewers for spurious reasons.

Teslas are pretty good cars, by the way. But not as great as their fans think. They inspire hysteria on the pro and anti sides in a way I can't begin to comprehend.


Jon Donahue wrote:

Understood, Paul. So would you please write a weekly auto review column fir The Guardian? Only thing about the paper I don't like. Here in Arizona, I enjoy Dan Neil's Rumble Seat column in the Wall Street Journal, although my son thinks he's snarky, full of it, and anti-Tesla. Maybe so. Saw one o them lectric cars here yesterday, prolly lookin fer a horse to pull it back to Phoenix. But at least it wasn’t on fire, a new threat to our old wood buildings here in Tombstone.

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