How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

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Re: How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

absquatulate wrote:

SirLataxe wrote:

Eddie Rizk wrote:


I don’t worry about everyone liking me or what I do. That could never happen. But if nobody likes me or anything I did, it would be a pretty miserable life. I know. You would be content in a room by yourself starting at your own photos on your computer for the rest of your life.

None of us can satisfy the demands or expectations of every other human we encounter. But if we really didn't care what any others thought about various aspects of our attitudes and behaviors, we would be one of those solipsistic sociopaths one hears about - lacking all empathy and sympathy, not to mention any sense of civic duty.

'Attitudes and behaviours' are not images, so that's quite a leap you made there to sociopathy and 'lack of civic duty', especially as what I say and do in general society has literally nothing to do with how I view the images I create. That's what I'd call an 'inserted narrative' with no foundation in reality, or logic.

I wasn't really thinking of you when I rambled on and on. But reading your responses, it does strike me that you seem rather over-anxious to tell us that you don't care at all what anyone else thinks of your photos.

One might take this as a sign that you don't care what others think of all your other behaviors and attitudes as well .... but I feel it much more likely that you're just deluding yourself when you claim that you don't care what others think of your snaps and that you are the only relevant judge.

Do you not care what others think of your posts either? If so, why do you post? If you do care, what is it you care about in the reaction of others? Photos and forum posts are both forms of communications. One-way communications are not so interesting or useful as a two (or more) way conversation, don't you think?

It's more a matter of degree, I feel - our caring about what others think. Myself, I take photos for me (as a diarist) but if others see them and comment I often respond to any criticism by trying to improve - which is a form of caring what others think of my photos ...... but not so much that I'll get all anxious about it or always agree with their criticism.

We do tend to learn more when we listen to any responses to our various "statements" (including our photos).

It's a rare human that doesn't care about what the other humans think of them and their doings, even their photo-taking style or skill. And you might ask yourself, "Why don't I care (or claim I don't) about what other people think of my photos"?

After all, it does seem a rather extreme position to take, eh? And it does beg the question - what other behaviors and attitudes do you pursue whilst not caring (or pretending you don't) what others think?

SirLataxe, a socio-cultural conglomerate installed with (among others) photographic rules, habits and aestheticals.

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