August 2021 Part 2 — This Month Through Your Adapted Lens

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I switched to the A7 (for adapting lenses, anyway)

So, previously I used an E-M5 to shoot adapted lenses, but I found this limiting for three reasons: 1) The 2x crop makes for really narrow FOV.. it was kind of okay with 35-40mm, but 50mm was not really enjoyable. 2) While the IBIS is great, it obiously doesn't help with moving subjects. Combined with 3) low light in the evenings I found I missed many shots to motion blur because I didn't want to drop the shutter further (because of noise).

So with all that, it seems obvious that I needed a FF MILC. Since I do not really plan using it for anything else other than shooting adapted glass, it was only really the original A7 that made sense (being by far the most affordable one used).

So here's one of the first shots with it and the OM 50/1.8. If was a bit too slow (see left paw) at 1/100, I think my standard setting for cat-might-move scenarios will be more of a 1/200.. This was pretty terrible lighting so I'm quite happy with the result. I feel I have much more latitude to play around with the aperture and shutter speed now without worrying about noise.

OM 50 F1.8 (shot at F4 I think) on A7 (URTH adapter)

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