Review K3 mark lll?

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Re: Review K3 mark lll?

Alex Sarbu wrote:

hikerdoc wrote:

Stick vs Auto transmission? Not a great analogy.

Maybe... SUV vs sports car? It's all about the experience.

Perhaps, or being experienced. If a person grew up on automatics, then they're unlikely to miss the difference. You can talk to them about losing the actual feel/experience of the road and car, and they generally have no clue what you're talking about. People don't miss what they never had.

That's one (but only one) of the reasons I think MILCs are the future ...

And one really important reason to look outside of photography for an appropriate analogy is that the previous photographic transition--from film to digital--is so dissimilar. The first real digital camera I owned already took better low-light pictures than my film SLR, and the ability to change ISO from shot to shot rather than roll to roll was an instant game changer.

Then there was the sheer economics: I might go on a trip  with 24 36-exposure rolls, but now I can come back with thousands of pictures to sort through, and for the cost of developing those rolls I could buy something else. Infinitely more flexibility in what I can shoot, and no more concern while traveling that I'm burning through my stock. I can take as many pictures as I want.

Was something lost in the feel of a film shot? Probably. But the point is that the trade off advantages were manifold and overwhelming. Film simply could not match them. So there was no question about the value of the transition--the recompense for losing film was immediate and indisputable.

I'm still waiting for a meaningful recompense for going mirrorless.

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