Review K3 mark lll?

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Re: Review K3 mark lll?

bob5050 wrote:

But isn't that, or shouldn't it be, a secondary concern? I don't travel because I photograph, I photograph because I travel. So I have little interest, while in the field, with what the sensor wants to show me--I want so see the reality. If the camera is set up properly, it will take care of itself, and I can tweak what it saw to my satisfaction when I get home.

Sorry for me this sounds esoteric. If you want to see the reality why on earth do you hold a camera between you and the reality, just see it direct. If you want to capture the reality, everything what helps you to record it as close as possible is welcome and on this I think an EVF can contribute better than an OVF. So no problem if you like looking through your viewfinder all the time, it is your choice to do so.

I travel because I enjoy foreign/new things and I try to store as much as possible in my brain and not on a memory card. I takes photos to reactivate my brain long time afterwards not so much  because I enjoy taking pictures on site.

On holiday the only thing I like using a viewfinder is on binoculars/telescopes what helps me to see things I could not see with the bare eye. And there a good "viewfinder" (clear +crisp optics) are very appreciated. But on all other occasions where I can see direct without the need of optical magnification I prefer not to use anything but my eyes.

My point exactly: the only way a MILC user can see what I'm seeing is to lower his camera.

so you glue your camera to your eye all day long?

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