How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

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Re: How to have my photography appreciated, or mean something?

Eddie Rizk wrote:


I don’t worry about everyone liking me or what I do. That could never happen. But if nobody likes me or anything I did, it would be a pretty miserable life. I know. You would be content in a room by yourself starting at your own photos on your computer for the rest of your life.

None of us can satisfy the demands or expectations of every other human we encounter. But if we really didn't care what any others thought about various aspects of our attitudes and behaviors, we would be one of those solipsistic sociopaths one hears about - lacking all empathy and sympathy, not to mention any sense of civic duty.

Happily, such folk are rare - although one must be wary of such a one if encountered, as they will use you up if this suits their entirely selfish purposes! Mind, we all suffer a bit from these hardly-human folk if they gain positions of great power, such as Prime Minister or CEO of some Big Corp!

But this to the side.

In taking and making photos, I find I do have a lurker or fifty that I'm trying to please.  These are not so much actual other humans as those imaginary ones that were installed by my nature & nurture as I grew from a wee bairn to the fledged fellow I am now.  They give me rules and conventions by which I should behave.

These lurking inner judges do allow me a goodly degree of freedom (or it sometimes feels like it) but have also bound me up in all sorts of duties, many of which my wee homunculus-god finds irksome.  Nevertheless, I feel compelled to obey them.

Of course, this "I" who obeys sometimes doesn't.  This may be because, as well as those judgmental lurkers, there is more than one"I" composing "me", each of which has a different view of who should be a lurker-judge and who shouldn't.

The permutations are endless, especially when events become pressing. 

SirLataxe, a socio-cultural conglomerate installed with (among others) photographic rules, habits and aestheticals

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