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Ian Stuart Forsyth wrote:

bob5050 wrote:

Tom Lusk wrote:

bob5050 wrote:

Pentax starts their explanation of the five principles this way:

"When you take a picture with a single lens reflex (SLR) camera, the light passes through the lens, and in turn the optical viewfinder. You view the image directly with your eyes, and feel it with your heart. This is the unique experience you get when using an SLR."

That kind of statement just makes me shake my head and wonder who this type of marketing is directed at.

Old hippies? Abstract artists?

Spoken word poets?

Donno, I'm none of the above.

Personally, I could do without the "and feel it with your heart" addition. But the simple fact remains that I'm looking at the actual scene, the MILC photographer next to me is looking at one possible rendition of what his sensor offers,

Would this not be the reason why one would want a EVF so that you have a real time representation of what the camera is recording as it is the sensor that is recording the image and it is it that is that medium that you will be processing into an image

which depending on his settings might not really reflect the scene accurately at all.

But with the correct settings it can give you more of a realistic representation of the medium that is recording the data and that will be processed into an image

It's a tremendous loss of presence and control. I tell the camera what to do based on the actual scene,

You can only do this when you understand what the camera is recording

how can you have any control if this is what control is needed to optimally use the camera

As this it what the medium is capturing

Nice image Ian. It raises a question in my mind though (please bear with me). In this image the background is obviously OOF. So the question is (bearing in mind I don't know if this was taken with a DSLR or a MILC), when looking through the viewfinder, was the background OOF in the VF, if this is a EVF or was the background clearly visible in the VF prior to pressing the shutter?

Now I hear it often said that an EVF shows you what the image (when taken) will look like. And I do understand the merit in that from a purely image capture point of view.

However, and I expect that I am squarely in the minority here on this point... To me it is important (at times) to have a clear view of the background/surrounding environment of the subject before, during and after the shutter actuation (well, as clear as can be short of putting the camera down from my eye).

For example (and again I recognise that I may be alone here in this), when I am photographing lion cubs in the wild, and they are often not far from their mother so the mother is often in frame as well, I prefer to be aware through the viewfinder of what the mother is doing, her body language, expression changes, movement and other tell tale signs that the photo session needs to conclude... When using a DSLR I am often able to keep that awareness of environment through the OVF, even if it require no more than a quick twist of the zoom ring out wider (another benefit of a lens with a flexible zoom range), or a small turn left or right to see what mum is up to.

Obviously that is not a concern for most, but it is a bit of comfort/ enjoyment that I personally get from DSLRs and such photography is why I spend what I spend on camera gear. So anyway, just curious.

he tells it what to do based on a representation that's already two removes from what's in front of him.

As apposed to someone who is using the camera based on the medium recording the information

I can see what he sees for the rest of my life in PS, LR, or On1 at home; that's not what travel to see. But he'll never see what I did.

Simply moving the camera away from the users eye will give him what is really there.

With the correct setting and a EVF will give that user a more realistic representation of the scene base on what the medium is recording, as this is what is doing the recording more so than the imagined and best guessed view from an OFV

And a side note I don't own an EVF camera, but I do know that it is not the OVF that will give the best control to evaluate how to use the camera. It is how the medium is being used to captured that image.

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