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bob5050 wrote:

Pentax starts their explanation of the five principles this way:

"When you take a picture with a single lens reflex (SLR) camera, the light passes through the lens, and in turn the optical viewfinder. You view the image directly with your eyes, and feel it with your heart. This is the unique experience you get when using an SLR."

That kind of statement just makes me shake my head and wonder who this type of marketing is directed at.

Old hippies? Abstract artists?

Spoken word poets?

Donno, I'm none of the above.

Personally, I could do without the "and feel it with your heart" addition. But the simple fact remains that I'm looking at the actual scene, the MILC photographer next to me is looking at one possible rendition of what his sensor offers, which depending on his settings might not really reflect the scene accurately at all. It's a tremendous loss of presence and control. I tell the camera what to do based on the actual scene, he tells it what to do based on a representation that's already two removes from what's in front of him.

I can see what he sees for the rest of my life in PS, LR, or On1 at home; that's not what travel to see. But he'll never see what I did.

He probably is seeing what you do. He just doesn’t feel that “seeing” is limited by the little reflection in his OVF or little display in his EVF. When I travel to see things I may use my DSLR or MILC to take images of what I see, but that little image in either viewfinder is only my framing of what I wish to capture. When I look through my OVF I hope my chosen settings accurately reproduce what I see. When I look through my EVF I try to adjust the settings so what I see in viewfinder accurately matches what I am seeing. The “heart” part for me is the being there, and that is hard to fully capture regardless of viewfinder.

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