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The new M1 is a fabulous breakthrough in the computer industry. IMHO we should view the situation that way:

  1. People who are doing extremely demanding tasks like games, professional video or music editing have affordable practically ideal machines. The next generation will provide even more performances. Waiting for it makes sense in that respect.
  2. For people who are doing moderately demanding tasks like photo editing, as it's my case, the M1 chip is squarely an overkill. Working with DxO PL I experience absolutely no lag and exporting is fairly quick.I started doing a little video for the fun but nothing fancy. For the time being I need no more performance, far from it. I expect my MBA to be competitive for the years to come. I would expect from the next generation more RAM and more ports. More performance would definitely be welcome but clearly not needed.
  3. For people who are doing not very demanding tasks, the M1 line up is a good choice because it's affordable, it's consuming little energy and it will certainly last long.

AFAIK you belong to the second league like me.

Since the early days of computing technology we were for long living in a situation of shortages: little RAM, little storage space, insufficient CPU and GPU performances, etc. Some silent revolutions happened over the years: RAM increased significantly, storage increased dramatically to the point where capacity is no more an issue for whatever data we have. With the M1 chip CPU and GPU performances are now beyond the needs of most of us. Hence performance is no longer a relevant criterion for the choice of a model.

Whatever the model you choose I think you should take the 16GB RAM and at least the 512GB SSD. This RAM amount is too short but Mac OS makes a massive usage of virtual memory which is practically transparent due to the very high speed of the SSD. That's why you need to take a big SSD and constantly leave a lot of free space on it.


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