Looking for a wider angle lens for my Z50

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Re: Looking for a wider angle lens for my Z50

NikonMike wrote:

I think that probably is the best option for right now. I really don’t understand why a wide angle zoom isn’t even on Nikons roadmap. They built several such zooms for their DX DSLRs. And now nothing.

Just looking at this forum as an example, if you take the number of people clamoring for super telephotos vs. those of us wishing for more DX lenses, I think it's sadly clear why DX is getting the short end of the stick. The telephoto group is very vocal and have deep pockets.

As has been mentioned, Nikon is signaling DX shooters to switch systems or be satisfied as a second class customer. I think there's even a chance that Nikon won't give the DX sensors more megapixels because that would upstage the Z7 series for the telephoto users who always want smaller viewing angles.

I'm here because I still have my D750 and some FX glass, but Nikon shouldn't take this to mean that I enjoy being caught in this trap.  We know Nikon just doesn't have the resources to spend on DX for now, so any third party support is looking really great at the moment.

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