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Re: Review K3 mark lll?

bob5050 wrote:

Roland Karlsson wrote:

In principle, a trained reviewer that tests several brands should be the most objective reviewer. In practice, it might not be so. Sometimes.

Unfortunately, I don't think that that's even true in principle. The only way a non-user can be equally objective about any camera is to be equally unfamiliar with anything else. Otherwise, they're subject to the same expectation/(un)familiarity biases as anyone else.

The cliché critique of the K-3iii at this point is "a worthy upgrade, but not worth changing brands for." The question is, do they say that consistently about every other brand? But what recent high end camera is it not true of? The core issue for a reviewer today is that all top SLRs and MILCs will deliver outstanding results,

Comparative specs matter most in an environment of significant and rapid evolution and a growing market, where users need to know who's in the lead, and have no or little existing investment. Neither is true today of ILC cameras. So fitness to use and user has really become the only thing that matters.

I think what reviews a reader pays attention to depends on their use case.  A person new to ILCs or who has a camera/kit lens from 6 years ago that finally died essentially starts with google: "what camera should I buy".  Then they get best camera lists and read reviews based on what cameras appear in those lists.  Which, of course, is why there are whole careers in IT around getting your site to show up in google searches

For people that are more die-hard hobbyists with multiple lenses (and maybe multiple cameras) - they are likely doing things differently:

Experienced hobbyist considering upgrade:  This use case isn't paying much attention to DPR or other official reviews.  They're driven first and foremost by early adapters and their opinions on what about the upgrade is worth while.  "official" reviews are looked to as a secondary source to confirm/contradict assertions.  For example, an early adapter may say the K3III has a greatly improved AF system.  But, that early adapter may have no experience with another system.  So the review reader may look to official reviews to shed light on it.  In this use case, since it's an experienced user they're often reading multiple first person reviews to get a consensus.

Person in another system wanting new gear and doesn't see what they like in their current system:  so, for axample a Canon shooter that doesn't want to go mirrorless - or when Sony was way ahead of Canon or Nikon on mirrorless:  This use case the reader is likely looking for first hand experience from someone that switched from their system to the new system.  Second comes the google "Canon xyz vs Pentax abc" to see what pops ups in comparisons.  They may already know of review sites that do this type of "vs. the competition" analysis and look there.

So, there is no one type of review that works for all use cases.  And, an educated consumer never relies on one reviewer anyway.

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