Still any Advantage to OVFs?

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Re: Still any Advantage to OVFs?

Kit Lens Avenger wrote:

Per my experience in the bargain basement of ILCs I vastly prefer OVFs, especially for pulling a tricky focus in dim light.

You can't zoom into 100% with an OVF.

Even with peaking and mag an EVF still becomes a multi-color granulate at lowest usable light levels.

But, what say you in Premium Land with the latest mirrorless gear? Are top-tier EVFs up to the best FF pentaprism OVFs?

I wish AF was quicker with Nikon mirrorless in particular when light gets really bad, but I don't miss the OVF at all.  Using Nikon Z7II as my daily shooter, but even my personally owned Z6 (first gen) is good enough to say bye-bye to OVF.

I think for sports and wildlife the EVF might lag a little much for comfort, but since I do neither, I'm okay with what I perceive to be an absolute minimal, and very acceptable lag. I don't feel it would be disadvantageous for the concert photography I used to do, or for roller derby where the movement was predictable. Image quality is great, and I get lots of information in the viewfinder that I didn't get with OVF.

Last week I used my Nikon D850 for the first time in over a year (it's now my backup/second camera), thanks to needing to employ my Z7II for a time lapse on a construction project.  I must admit that the chunkiness of the D850 was nice in the hands.  OVF was dark in comparison to my Z7II. I was surprised that I got back to using the D850 metering okay without any practice.  It's so easy with mirrorless to be lazy and just see what you're going to shoot with an in viewfinder histogram as a secondary source of exposure info.

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