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Re: Epson P700 vs Canon Pro-300...

As a long time Epson user, I decided to get the P700 early this year. It used about 80% of the initial ink tanks to fill the lines (as expected) but then did not work at all. I returned it for a refund. I also thought it seemed very flimsy and the top cover seemed very prone to scratching, even in the short time I had it.

I had originally decided against the Canon Pro 300 in view of the smaller ink tanks (14ml v 25ml). After a few weeks, the Canon was in stock again here in the UK, and I decided to order one instead of waiting for another P700 which was in very short supply. It has proved the right choice. The Pro 300 is much sturdier than the P700. The quality of the prints is excellent, on glossy, pearl and matt surfaces, including baryta papers. I get far more prints right first time compared with the older Epson that I was replacing. Black and white is flawless. I have got through a lot of cartridges, but then I have done a lot of printing.

Ink costs are an issue, and they seem very different in the UK to the US. The Pro 300 ink is £18 in the UK for 14ml, which is £15 before VAT, which is over $20. B&H sell in the US at $12. The Epson P700 is £27 for 25ml in the UK, or $31 before VAT, compared to $38 in the US. The Canon therefore looks much more economical in the US.

I see far more complaints about the P700 in this forum, mainly concerning paper handling. I have had no issues with the Pro 300 at all, other than a shortage of grey and black inks some months ago. There is no problem with supply now for the Canon, although I believe that some Epson inks are now subject to delays.

I would recommend the Canon.

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