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Re: Purchasing a new Mac

cpharm86 wrote: Good information.

Happy to help. I just want to add that it won't be long after the new Macs are introduced before factory refurbished units will be available. You can save at least 15% with full warranty protection (including AppleCare+) and a 14-day no-questions asked return policy.

A few weeks ago the SSD in my wife's 2011 13" MBP suddenly died (a Samsung 850EVO I installed over 3 years ago. . .) I was already looking for a new Mac for her, waiting for the rumored updates. But sometimes circumstances dictate when it is time to upgrade. LOL

We got a refurb base-model MacBook Air for $850 vs. $999. It arrived two days after we placed the order. My wife is delighted; an MBP is overkill for her needs. The main difference is better cooling (the MBP has a fan) but it if you aren't prone to regularly pushing your Mac to its limit, CPU throttling won't be an issue. Hence, another $300 saved. . .

Popular refurbed Macs tend to go fast, so I rely on Refurb Tracker to send me an email alert when the Mac I want shows up in the online store. iPad, iPhones and other products also show up as refurbs. Refurb Tracker works in every country that has access to an online Apple store.

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