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I currently have a 27” iMac so at the end I want at least that size monitor. I am not in a real hurry but not sure now if I want to go with a MacBook or desktop now. If a MacBook I will then need a new monitor for home use.

If you go for a MB keep in mind that the current M1 MB have only 2 Thunderbolt-3 ports and nothing else.

Yes, I saw that.

So for any other type of connection you need either a USB-C adapter or a TB dock with USB-A ports, a video port (HDMI or DisplayPort), SD card reader, RJ45 (unless you use WiFi). Maybe the next generation will be better equipped.

I bought an OWC Thunderbolt 3 dock. Very expensive but very complete.

Check what types of video ports your monitor is equipped with: HDMI (what version, if it's a bit old it might be an issue), DisplayPort (preferable), Thunderbolt.

I do have some research to do but not in a hurry. Lots of changes since 2012.


Another reason to wait is the upgraded chips will support more ports. . . You may be able to save some money not having to buy a hub or dock (a lot of money if were talking Thunderbolt).

There is a rumor that the Mac Mini will see an upgrade before the end of the year. That's what I am waiting to see. . . Then I'll likely get another NEC display, probably a 27".

Keep doing the research. . . The Apple Silicon M chips are significant game changers. One thing I've found is that for certain processes the amount of RAM isn't as critical with Apple Silicon. In some cases an M1 Mini with 16GB RAM handily beats a maxed-out Intel Mac with 32GB RAM by a country mile. An 8GB M1 Mini is also faster but doubling the RAM made an enormous difference in speed.

Good information.

Apple M1 Chip: Everything You Need to Know

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