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Re: Thom Hogan’s Correct

Franz304 wrote:

His closing paragraph is fair. His criticisms of Nikon failing its legacy owners doesn't go far enough. Nothing less than crass stupidity to fail to sew up full backwards compatibility to the F mount AI and s'driver F-Nikkors.

But is it really when you are a company specialized in making lenses, even before cameras? You want people to buy new lenses, not to stick to decades old AI lenses. And even if that was not the case, I would rather Nikon invest time and money in striking a deal with Sigma, Tamron etc. to bring (more) third party AF lenses to Z mount than supporting outdated lenses.

"decades old AI lenses". I'm pretty sure Nikon is (NOT) investing much 'time and money' there.

I think many people are highly underestimating the (HUGE) quantity and usefulness of some of the "outdated lenses" out there. We must consider the sources - gear forums(?), obviously.

Have you used/owned any of these ?

Used any AI-S lenses lately? (28/2.8, 55/2.8 Micro, 105/2.5, 135/2.8 as examples?)

I could go on and on and ON about the MILLIONS of quality F-mount Nikkors out there, with MILLIONS of them having AF, which also include Sigma, Tamron and Tokina brands. I happen to own a few of these 'outdated lenses' and I can get great images out of them with a little experience and common sense.

And how about the 'big telephoto' lenses that people have spent a bundle on?

To me it's less about loyalty and more about the reality of a product being useful and sought after by enough buyers to make it financially worthwhile for a company to produce. Thus, I can see D780, D500/D550, D850/D880 being available for many years to come, even if they are 10-20% more expensive than a mirrorless 'counterpart'.

By the way, "striking a deal with Sigma, Tamron etc." and you've referred to Nikon as "a company specialized in making lenses"?

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