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Re: DXO PL4 & PureRAW

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Thank you for the clear explanation. Just one question, see below.

Adjust 1 image in the set. Copy and paste the adjustments to all others... hit export.

I’m new to this, how would you copy and paste the adjustments to all others?

Menu bar >Image Menu items lines 3 and 4.

or, quicker

Ctrl + Shift C or Ctrl + Shift V

With adj image selected, copy, then select target images, paste.


Great, thank you. I will probably go with PL4 as you mentioned since you have been using it for awhile and believe it will be better suited than PureRAW.

Good choice especially if you want control over image sharpness. There is no control whatsoever with PureRaw which wouldn't be so bad if it didn't continually over-sharpen images which the trial version did for me and hence they lost a customer, as I don't need/want PL4!

Can you post the Raw file?

Try this:



Did you do anything with the RAW photo or just wanted to take a look at it?

I was curious how NoNoise or Denoise AI handled it. I also have an R5 and have some wildlife shots that were taken at 16,000. LrC did a pretty good job with them and I just wanted to tyr your file out.

I’ll be curious how it works. I’m not completely sold on DXO. I have used LrC up until this point.

sorry for late reply. Got a few projects on the go. I thought Denoise did a better job than NoNoise but I have had very good results with NoNoise. Seems like every file is like a box of chocolates. Your DXo results looked pretty good

No problem. Thanks for letting me know. I will probably just purchase DXO. I will drive myself crazy testing all kinds of software. I don’t do this professionally. I just want better NR when needed when LR doesn’t do the job.

Only thing I need is NR software better than Adobe. I don’t need PL4 for any other adjustments.

Here are 2 images one using Adobe LR and one using PL4.



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