NEX 5N to FF back to APS-C, perhaps

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Re: NEX 5N to FF back to APS-C, perhaps

This is a post I can totally relate to.  I, too had an NEX 5N and loved the size and used it a ton.  But didn't love the AF and thought I should be using Full Frame.  So I sold it and went to Sony A7II, and the IQ was/is great but the AF still not great.  Eventually went to A9 and A7R IV, much improved AF and the IQ and croppablity of the 7R IV is terrific ...but to get the most of it, better lenses need to be used.  So I got all premium primes and zooms but the set-up are soo heavy and large that I hesitate to grab it for just carrying around or spontaneous shooting.  I just got back from a vacation in the Southwest, and didn't take it due to the weight and size.  Instead carried a 1" sensor compact camera that made good photos.  But I kept thinking what's the point of having all the FF gear if I don't take it with me.  So after returning home, I kept thinking there has to be a better option (for me) than a 1" sensor camera for making images that I want to print.  Came across a used A6400 with Sigma trio and wow what a responsive camera and the IQ is really solid.  This feels like a set-up I will actually carry the way I did with the NEX 5N and addresses my AF concerns completely.

So what's the best camera,...the one you actually have with you and use.

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