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cpharm86 wrote:

Saint 112 wrote:

IMHO it's a no-brainer: get an M1 model (either iMac, Mini or MacBook Air depending on your preferences) which is more than enough for the type of type of job you are doing: PL, PS and LR. With my M1 MBA I use DxO PhotoLab and I think it'll do the job for years. Since I already owned a 32" monitor I chose to have just one computer as a desktop and a laptop. It's very convenient and very versatile.

If you are not in a hurry you can wait for the next generation, dubbed the M1X, which is expected to be even more powerful. As far as performances are concerned I don't think it's relevant for you if you don't play games and don't do professional video or music editing. I would feel attracted if the new chips had 32GB RAM instead of 16 but, aside from that, the M1 chip is more than powerful enough.


Thank you for the information. ‘m not in a hurry. Actually my plans were for the end of this year or beginning of next year. I don’t know when the new models are expected to come out.

Since I have not purchased a computer since 2012 there is some research I’m starting to do. I hear more and more about the M1.

Given pandemic issues, it's unclear when new iMacs with the new chips will come. Latest rumors 2022. New Macbook Pros probably sooner.

It depends a lot on your budget, but definitely one of the M1 Apple Silicon Macs; don't buy one of the old style.

You've got a GIGANTIC mismatch between your camera tech and your ability to post process those images. If you don't need portability, and don't want to buy a new monitor, the 24" M1 iMac seems like a total no-brainer. And soon, unless you want to struggle along for months with the old one. I assume you bought the new R5 for a reason; be nice to make it easier to use no?

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