Do you want to shoot a certain style/subject/method and just... don't?

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Re: Do you want to shoot a certain style/subject/method and just... don't?

When I started taking photos, it was always landscapes. I thought this was the way it would always be, because I'm an introvert.  A shy introvert at that.  At some point along the way, I got bored with the local scenery, and decided to have a go at portraits, more because I was fascinated with light control than with people.  What was I thinking?  Well, turns out that's what I absolutely love, and here I am twenty years in, and that's pretty much all I shoot.  I do enjoy macro work in nature too - it's so relaxing.  But I get bitten very easily and extensively by mosquitoes and other flying creatures.  So I don't do it as much as I'd like.

Almost four years ago, I changed my career from music to photography (though both mostly in an academic setting). I was concerned that doing it all day would mean I wouldn't want to do it in my spare time, and that has largely happened - my personal camera doesn't get a whole lot of use.  But it doesn't sadden me.  I'd rather be doing something I enjoy during the day, and then switch gears to something I enjoy in my spare time too.  It doesn't matter that the spare time activity isn't photography.  Funnily enough, I spend some of my spare time doing music again.  And I've taken up a couple of other hobbies too, just to keep things varied.  One is cycling, and the other is watch face design.

I do miss concert photography which is something I did mostly to make money for gear. If the opportunity to do that again in my spare time comes up, I'll probably take it.

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