Looking for a wider angle lens for my Z50

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Re: Looking for a wider angle lens for my Z50

The widest you can get on an APS-C camera would be with the Sigma 8-16 that is available in F mount, thus needing the FTZ adapter. Back in my APS-C DSLR days (that is, roughly ten years ago) I used that lens on a camera with the same sensor as a D7000 and found the results to be appreciably good.

The Z50 has a 50% higher sensor resolution (24 instead of 16 MP), thus lens imperfections will be noticed a bit more, and this might be considered a somewhat dated lens design. For some reason, Sigma doesn't seem to have updated that lens.

Here's a test:


Regardless of that — 2mm less on the wider end than a 10-20 is a lot.

This lens compares to a 12-24 on FX, but is significantly smaller and lighter.

There's no filter thread, and no provision for a rear mount filter. There are 3rd-party adapter for 150mm square filters, 100mm would be too small. This is due to the fixed lens hood and the rather bulbous front lens element.

Maybe you can get this lens second-hand and just try it — I'd be interested in a report of it's performance on a current camera.

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