Upgrade from m43 GX80/85 to Sony A7 II - worth it?

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Re: Upgrade from m43 GX80/85 to Sony A7 II - worth it?

Mike Fewster wrote:

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Mike Fewster wrote:

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Getting into FF on the cheap w/o a laser focused plan and understanding of the tradeoffs is a false economy IMO. A7II exemplifies that. Sensor aside it's pretty much worse in every way than the GX8.

I would maybe split the difference and get something like an A6500 + Viltrox 23 1.4. I think that's a lateral move body wise and you will get a bit more subject isolation.

If you must have FF commit to buying once and crying once.... with Sony I wouldn't go any older than an A7III honestly.

I think this is good advice. In particular, I think you'd find the af of the A7ii frustrating.

Why would I find it frustrating?

Is it really that bad? Does it hunt for 2 seconds (like Pana 20mm 1.7)?

Does it make 5 out of 10 photos blurred?

Would I have to force it to autofocus 2-3 times before I get subject in focus?

Please explain why AF is frustrating on A7ii.

It is accurate but slow. I'm not familiar with the lens/camera combination you now use but I think you would find the af slower than the current camera/lens you use. Going from a faster to slower af always feels frustrating. I think you should try an A7ii before you hand over the hard earned.

If you are really determined to have just one lens on an interchangeable lens system, and you aren't too fussy about fast af , I'd consider a used Sony RX1 instead. The 35mm focal length you want and fabulous FF IQ.

Gx80 won’t be faster than the A7ii. It’s not THAT slow. It’s only slower compared to other phase detect AF systems, not contrast detect. It also obviously lacks the latest eye af features etc.

RX1 is another option but it has its own issues.

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