Is it okay to get paintings framed?

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Re: Is it okay to get paintings framed?

Reef Hartley wrote:

I’m a beginner painter and some of my friends said I should get some of my paintings framed by this picture printing and framing online shop. However, I’m not quite sure if I should do so? Is it okay to do that? Will it affect the painting? Anyone? Thanks.

Taking a very quick look at the site you refer to, it looks like a place that you send a digital file to, they make a print, mat and frame it and ship it to you. If you want them to frame a painting you would have to ship them the artwork and It is unlikely that they are set up to receive incoming artwork.

If I were you, I would find a local frame shop and take your artwork there.

You will pay a bit more for their service, but look at the extra cost as tuition. After seeing how a pro frames your art a few times, you should be ready to purchase materials to do it your self. It is not hard to do.

Art work of all types is frequently framed and done properly does not harm the work.

You don't specify what kind of painting you do. Works on canvas (e.g. oil or acrylic paint) are most often framed but not matted or covered with glass (or acrylic). Works on paper (e.g. watercolor or collage) are often matted and framed with glazing.


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